The Fourth International Workshop on Dynamic Scheduling Problems

June 20-21, 2022, Winterthur, Switzerland

Other information

  • The workshop fee (subject to change) is equal to 200 CHF if paid before deadline (see Important dates) and 250 CHF after the date. The fee payment can be made via the IWDSP 2022 submission page.
  • The fee includes admission to sessions, access to the workshop materials, tea, coffee and lunches.
  • There are currently no COVID-19 restrictions on entry to Switzerland (see COVID-19 regulations for visitors to Switzerland), and no restrictions in hotels, restaurants, or workshop participation. However, mask wearing is still obligatory in public transport.
  • Each participant should check their visa obligation. If required, one should timely ask for a letter of invitation, see Visa regulations for visitors to Switzerland.
  • In case of queries related to fee payment or Swiss regulations interested persons are asked to contact the Local Committee co-chair (e-mail: